The college coat of arms heralds six symbols of ethnicity and pride.

1.  At its heart, the coat of arms bears the image of the Rockfort, which symbolizes the geographical and cultural heritage of the city.

2. A full bloomed lotus with a book on its top symbolizes intellectual blossoming and sustaining the purity of mind in the midst of adversities.  The college is christened after the perennial river Cauvery which symbolizes youth, freshness, vigour and fulfillment.

3. The legendary ‘Raja gopuram’ of the Srirangam Temple is the tallest gopuram in Asia and stands as a representation of lofty thoughts   and deeds which the institution presents.

4. The five faced lamp – “Kuthuvilakku” is ametaphoric representation of the light of knowledge dispelling the darkness of ignorance.

5. The college aims to provide academic excellence, employability and selfreliance. This aim of the institution is represented by the image of   a graduated scholar.

6. The motto of the college is “Karka”, “Nirka”, which is inscribed in classical Tamil language. It is the essence of the famous  Thirukkural couplet 391 written by the classical poet Thiruvalluvar.“ Karka” means ‘to acquire’ (learning / knowledge)   “Nirka” means ‘to adopt, to apply’ (the acquired learning).

Holistically, the coat of arms stands for the empowerment of girls, who bloom and blossom inspite of adversities, graduate and   a glow with the power of the acquired knowledge and conduct themselves accordingly, there by bringing glory to the institution,  to the society and to the nation at large.