About EDC

Entrepreneurship education offers a solution and prepares the youth to be responsible entrepreneurial thinkers by immersing them in real-life learning experience.



  • The institution aims in nourishing the students with entrepreneurial skills to provide a strong career foundation.  

  • The Entrepreneurship Development cell was pioneered in the year 2003 with the motto to make the students as “Job creators rather than Job Seekers”. 

  • EDC Certificate Course on a credit basis was sponsored by UGC in 2007 for 5 years. We accord permission to Self-help group members to promote their own products in our college from 2006 onwards.

  • Entrepreneurship education offers a solution and prepares the youth to be responsible entrepreneurial thinkers by immersing them in the real-life learning experience and build up the entrepreneurial ecosystem. 

  • It is a notion that if 30% of the students who participate in entrepreneurship education will pave the way to start a business set up on their own and become more ambitious. 

  • Institution plays a major role in building a strong nation by producing young and vibrant entrepreneurs who Contribute towards the economic growth of the country.


  • Encourage and Nurture the Talents 

  • Provide the Resources in order to Earn in a Proactive and Realistic Environment 

  • Build New Ethical Ideas and have Unique Recognition in the business scenario 


  • Visual Learning            -     Industrial Visits 

  • Auditory Learning        -    Theoretical perspective through an online course 

  • Kinesthetic Learning    -     Awareness Camps, Motivational Program Training and E-stalls


  • To identify and equip the students with a required soft skill for effective organisation of an entrepreneurial business. 

  • To develop competent entrepreneurs of tomorrow through personal counselling, training and bring out the latest entrepreneurial potential among students. 

  • Organize personality development programmes, workshops and Industrial visit.


  • Opportunity for work-based experience 

  • Exercise leadership and develop interpersonal skills 

  • Develop planning financial literacy and money management skills.


    The STUDENT INCUBATION CENTRE (SIC) was established on 15.07.2019 to expose the students to identifying the target market and create viable products.  The Management of the College Governing Council, Cauvery College for Women,  supported with seed fund to motivate and train the students to work in a business setup.
In addition, the institution also provides furnished office pace, technological and maintenance support for the students entrepreneurial welfare. Under the guidance of diligent and experienced faculty,  learn the dynamic process of business development and how to survive in their early entrepreneurial stage. The student proposals from in-campus and alumnae’s are invited and reviewed by the mentors, approved by the Principal and the Management.

    The SIC STORES and SIC BAKES was formed with selected committee members comprise of students, mentors and the Top Management. The student committee consists of 

  • Store Keeper

  • Accountant 

  • Sales representative and 

  • Financier 

E CELL is happy to inaugurate student campus companies –

  • SIC STORES - 27.06.2019

  • SIC BAKES - 03.07.2019


  • GOLDEN STITCHING – 14.08.2019

  • NATRA COOL NAPKINS - 13.09.2019

………This will ignite the student with rich experience in becoming successful entrepreneurs.

Vision & Mission of EDC


       To mold students for becoming a role model as Job creators rather than Job seekers in the entrepreneurial ecosystem


  • To strength the lateral thinking skills and create awareness for students and faculty in entrepreneurship, Innovation, startup idea building and IPR through training workshops and seminar.
  • To build collaboration and interlinkages with industrial and professional experts
  • To activate and gain more skilled experience to ensure innovation and start up culture through mentoring sessions and internships
  • To create a strong academic base in Entrepreneurship and Innovation
  • To encourage faculty to research projects in entrepreneurship
  • To enthuse faculty to take up entrepreneurial mentoring
  • Create awareness of venture creation as a viable career option
  • To provide the required infrastructure and incubation facility for students and faculty in supporting their research and startup business plans.
  • To promote IPR among students and faculty in order to gain unique identity.

Short & Long Term Goals

Short term goals

  • To encourage maximum students, participate in the IIC activities
  • To strengthen the student participation in Entrepreneurship Internship Programme
  • To encourage the students and faculty’s in developing business plans
  • To organize Entrepreneurial events and activities inside and outside the campus
  • To offer new courses in Entrepreneurship and Innovation
  • To apply for grants to promote startup ventures among students and faculties
  • To encourage research projects in entrepreneurship
  • To encourage faculties to mentor student startup’s

Long term goals

  • To Encourage and Nurture the Talents, Provide the Resources in order to Earn in a Proactive end Realistic Environment
  • To  Build New Ethical Ideas and have Unique Recognition in the business scenario.
  • ​To enhances on Visual Learning through Industrial Visits, Auditory Learning with theoretical perspective through an online course and Kinesthetic Learning - Awareness Camps, Motivational Program Training and E-stalls.
  • To elevate the ideation and building of innovative ventures into startups for sustainable growth.


     The club focuses on generation of ideas through various IIC activities, Ability Enhancement course-Innovation and Entrepreneurship, Essentials of Entrepreneurship in Wadhwani Ignite organized by Wadhwani Foundation, Bangalore. The idea generation process was carried out via Ideation Hackathons, Inter & Intra Institutional Ideation contest


      The club focuses on feasibility of idea, novelity of the venture generated  through various IIC activities and Essentials of Entrepreneurship in Wadhwani Ignite organized by Wadhwani Foundation, Bangalore. The novelty of the venture will be evaluated for research & development process.

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  Quarter I - IIC 6.0(26-42)


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  Quarter I - 2/2


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IPR Cell

       The IPR Cell fosters scientific inquiry, research, and academic freedom among faculty, researchers, and students. It promotes and safeguards their pursuits while organizing 36 programs to raise awareness of Intellectual Property rights, Patents, and Copyrights.

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Board Meetings

E-Cell Organized a half board meeting with our E-members and campus companies with Mr.K.Thiruneelakandan B.A President College Governing Council, Dr.P.Vijayaraghavan Secretary & Dr.Mrs.V.Sujatha Principal, Cauvery College for Women. On 23.10.2019 We gained a great knowledge from our management. Documentation and financial assistance. They motivated and assured to give full support from our management.