Department Profile

Department Profile

Social work is a hands-on profession that strives to help people and families deal with their different problems. Social work is an interdisciplinary field and includes studies of the lives and experiences of socially vulnerable people. It aims to help people develop their skills and their ability to use their own resources and those of the community to resolve problems. Particularly relevant for social work is the analysis of various interventions designed to prevent or remedy social problems. The field also covers organisational and professional research.

The Department of Social work was started with BSW in 1985 with a vision to train the young minds with right aptitude to serve humanity. Ours is a pioneering institute offering BSW course in the whole of Tamil Nadu. Yet another milestone of our Department is the introduction of MSW course in the year 1995 with three specializations “Medical &Psychiatric Social work” “Family &Child welfare” “Community Development” and “Human Resource Management”  since 2015 with an objective of producing skilful, effective professional social workers & extend the helping hands to protect our society from social evils. Research is the backbone of any discipline for its advancement in the field. In the year 2005, our department has been upgraded as Research department offering Social Work, it get elevated as full-fledged research department by offering Ph.D. programme from 2011 onwards.


  • BSW – 1985

  • MSW – 1995

  • M.Phil – 2005

  • Ph.D – 2011


Linnaues Palme International teacher student exchange programme was launched in the year 2004 following the MOU signed between the Department of Social work, Umea University, Sweden and Department of Social Work, Cauvery College for women, Trichy. In an era of globalization the aim of this programme was to provide students with education of high academic value and international experience and enable them to have an understanding of different cultures. The programme was fully sponsored by SIDA (Swedish International Development Agency), Sweden, to promote long term cooperation based on mutual benefit between higher education institutions in Sweden and those in developing countries in order to stimulate further global internationalization of higher education.





 Teachers from Umea University 
Visited Cauvery College


Teachers from Cauvery College
Visited Umea University

Planning Trip

 Nov 2004 

Ms.Siv-Inger Bucht
International Coordinator

 May 2005 

Institution Coordinator & Head 

 Teachers’ Exchange 

Sep 2005

Dr. Lennart Sauer &
Ms.Inger Ekaman

 April 2006 

Dr.G.Kanaga &
Dr.F.X.Lovelina LittleFlower,

Feb 2007


Dr. Lars Nordlander &
Mrs.Eva Wikstrom 

April 2007

Dr.D.Nirmala &
Dr.G.Mettilda Buvaneswari

Mar 2008


Dr. Lennart Sauer &
Mrs. Gunbritt Sandstrom

May 2008

 Dr.S.Sankari &
Dr.J.O.Jeryda Gnanajane Eljo, 
Lecturers, Dept of  Social Work

Jun 2009

Ms.Cristine Isakson &
Ms.Ulla Brit Bergstrom

April 2009

Dr.G.Kanaga &

Feb 2010

Dr.Kerstin Hamreby &
Ms.Veronica Lovgren

May 2010

Dr.S.Sankari &
Dr.G.Mettilda Buvaneswari

Feb 2011

Ms.Cristine Isakson &
Ms.Ulla Brit Bergstrom

May 2011


Dec 2012

Dr.Kerstin Hamreby

May 2012

Dr.G.Kanaga &
Dr.G.Mettilda Buvaneswari

Mar 2012

Ms.Ulla Brit Bergstrom





 Students Visited Cauvery College 


 Students Visited Umea University 

 Jan 2008 

Ms.Vivi Camilla Svensson &
Ms.Jennie Isakson,

Jan 2008

Sr.P.Vijagammal &

Jan 2009

Ms.Alexandra Backstom &
Ms.Maria Dorriam

Jan 2009

Ms.R.Mercinah &



Jan 2010

Ms.O.Aisha Manju &
Ms.Anu Koroth

Jan 2011

Ms.Carlsson Diana Angelica

Jan 2011

M.Muthulakshmi &



Jan 2012

Reddy Lakshmi Nandhakumar &



Counselling Cell was attached with our department. Counselling services are provided since the establishment of the college to the students and faculty members based on their needs.


An international staff exchange programme was initiated under UKIERI. Dr.G.kanaga and Dr.G.Mettilda Buvaneswari, teachers from department of social work, Cauvery college for women visited Plymouth University, UK during November, 2012  and Ms.Clare Colton and Ms.Penelope Welbourne, teachers from Plymouth University visited department of social work,  Cauvery college for Women during February 2013.

Nation- wide competition on legal awareness for college students under national commission for women

The department organizes competition for the students on regular intervals on legal awareness under National Commission for Women


Dr. G. Mettilda Buvaneswari
Head, Department of Social Work
Phone Number: 98944 35468


YouTube Channel Link:

Vision & Mission

Vision & Mission


  • The vision of our department is to advance the personal, social, intellectual and personality of the students through social work education so as to achieve higher positions in serving the society across local and global community systems.


  • To orient the students acquire knowledge, skills and values of Social Work and develop an attitude of commitment towards social work profession.

  • To train the students in the fields of Social Work by enabling   the practice and application of theory through field work trainings.

  • To inculcate values by means of conducting programmes through various associations attached to the department.

  • To mentor the students through tutor-ward system in the department.

  • To extend wider exposure to students in the field of Social Work through organizing National & International seminars, workshops, symposium etc and enable them to establish contacts with academicians, field experts, high profile personalities in different fields.

Programmes Offered

Programmes Offered

  • BSW

  • MSW – Specializations

                  1. Medical and Psychiatric Social Work
                  2. Family and Child Welfare
                  3. Human Resource Management
                  4.Community Development


  • Ph.D

Faculty Profile


Professor and Dean of Alumnae Relations

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Dr.G.Mettilda Buvaneswari,M.A(SW)., M.Phil., Ph.D., PGDC., UGC-NET.,

Professor & Head

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Dr.S.Vidhya,M.S.W., M.Phil., Ph.D., PGDGC., UGC-NET.,

Associate Professor

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Ms.PL.Rani,M.A(SOC)., M.S.W., M.Phil., PGDGC.,UGC-NET.,

Assistant Professor

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Dr.O.Aisha Manju,M.S.W., M.Phil.,UGC-NET.,Ph.D

Assistant Professor

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Assistant Professor

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Seminars, Conference and Workshop

Department of Social Work

International/ National/


Resource Person

International Symposium

on Current Trends in Social Work
Practice - Shaping the Future


Dr. Selwyn Stanley

Faculty of Health, Social Care and Medicine
Department of Social Work
EdgeHill University 
United Kingdom.


Dr.A. Savarimuthu

Former Vice Chancellor
St.Eugene University
Lusaka, Zambia.


Dr.F.X. Lovelina Little Flower

Professor & Head
Department of Social Work
Bharathiyar University


Mr.C. Santhakumar

The Spastics Society of Tiruchirappalli.

 2018 - 2019 

International/ National/ Seminars/Conferences/Workshops


Resource Person

 Observance of Suicide Prevention Week

 9th – 15th September 2018

Team of District Mental Health Professionals

 Nation -wide written test to create Legal Awareness on laws relating to Women with the financial assistance from National Commission for Women

21st December 2018


 Enhancing skills for Counselling – Counsellor and Counsellee perspectives

25th and 26th February 2019


Counsellor & Psychotherapist,
Anugraha Institute of Social Sciences, Dindugal. 

National Workshop on Psychological First Aid

2nd March 2019

Dr K.R. Anish

HOD, School of Social Work, Rajagiri School of Social Sciences, Kerela


International/ National/ Seminars/Conferences/Workshops

Date & Place

Resource Person

 Regional level Workshop On Counseling Skills For Social Workers

 April 6th 2018,

Muthulakshmi Reddy AC Seminar Hall, Cauvery College for Women


 Dr. T.R. Kanmani,

Assistant Professor, Department of Psychiatric Social Work, National Institute of Mental Health & Neuro Sciences (NIMHANS), Bengaluru.

 Mr. S. Senthil Kumar,

Senior Technical Officer, Indian Council for Medical Research (ICMR), Chennai.

431 421960

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