Establishment of Policy for Promotion of Research

     Cauvery College for Women (Autonomous) is committed to promote Research Culture in the campus by establishing a Committee on Research and thereby implementing specific goal-oriented research activities / schemes to facilitate research activities to be undertaken by the faculty members independently or collaboratively involving industry and students. There shall be the following research facilities established with required budgetary allocation.

Research Regulations

The College offers Research Programmes (Full Time and Part Time) in the following disciplines:
Ph.D - Social Work                                          Ph.D - Computer Science
Ph.D - Commerce                                           Ph.D - Tamil
Ph.D - Mathematics                                        Ph.D - Management
Ph.D– Physics                                                 Ph.D - Microbiology

Eligibility for Ph.D. Research Programme (Full time/ Part time)

      The candidates will be governed by the Ph.D regulations of Bharathidasan University, amended from time to time.

Research Colloquium

     The Research Colloquium will be conducted once in two months and all Full-Time and Part-Time Scholars should attend and present before Research Board, their research progress carried out by them and obtain their consent for the continuance of  their research. They are also expected to fix the further research activities to be accomplished. Besides that, every research scholar is required to take active participation in International /National conference/seminar organized by our college or other institutions.

Other Facilities

     Cauvery College for Women (Autonomous)is equipped with well-established library which functions from 9.00 a.m. to 5.00 p.m. The library is equipped with e-learning facilities , along with a number of online journals, magazines and e-books  . The library offers facility to students to take photo copies of required documents. The college has sophisticated internet center with 350 Mbps connectivity to enable the researchers to involve in their research work. It has sufficient laboratory facilities in all discipline of research departments to carry out the research work in their respective field of research.