The Book Bank Scheme of the Alumnae Association supported the needy students to excel in their academic endeavours. The first batch of Alumnae (1985-1988) belongs to the Department of Mathematics established Friends Trust and extending Cash Award of Rs.2000/- to the outgoing topper of the Department. The benevolent alumnae of various departments financially contributed to support the needy and deserving students to pay their Semester fees.
      The alumnae belong to all the departments had been called as a resource person to the Departmental Club activities to strengthen the network with alumnae and to utilize their expertise for the benefit of current students to excel in their conceptual as well as practical applications in their practical fields. The academic and field level contribution of alumnae motivates the students to go for Higher Education and also to excel in their Career Plan and to equip thoroughly to meet the challenges of Organizations, Multinational Companies, Industries. The self-employed alumnae motivate the students by effective and pragmatic training programmes to venture into Self Employment initiatives.
      The Alumnae Association got registered in the Name of Cauvery College Alumnae Association Tiruchirappalli. The Chapter was opened in Chennai with the support of Alumnae settled in Chennai, Madam Principal Dr.Mrs.V. Sujatha inaugurated the Chennai chapter and motivated the alumnae, insisted the alumnae and inspired them with her thoughtful ideas with the view to extend their support for the benefit of present students regarding their research endeavours, placements, internship and for Career Planning.
     The alumnae of Chennai chapter organized a Two-day Career Development Training Programme entitled Perceive Prepare Perform for the Final year students of under graduation numbering 40. The participants of this Career Training Programme benefited to the maximum extent from the expertise of Alumnae Resource Persons, Medical Practitioners. Media Professionals, Resource person who cleared UPSC Combined Medical Services. 
     The Cauvery College Alumnae Association initiated and organized many Webinars during the Pandemic Period in addressing Psycho-Social issues concerned COVID 19, Mental health Issues concerned with COVID 19 for the benefit of Students and Faculty. CCAA organized Webinar exclusively for students on achieving Psychological well-being, inculcating a good attitude, Career Planning, Nurturing the mind and so on.
     Alumnae Meet conducted by CCWW with the support of Departments yielded effective ideas and suggestions from the Alumnae for the betterment of current students to proceed further for Higher Education, excel in Research Endeavours, Exploring novel and innovative ventures. Alumnae also insisted that students can learn foreign languages to visit Japan and Germany. The alumnae settled in Japan, Singapore, UAE, USA, UK participated in the meet contributed fruitful suggestions to the development of students and Institution and they also assured that they extend the fullest support for the students and Institution.
     Mrs. AR. Kasthuri  BSc( Csc) belong to 2009-2012 donated 26 books to the Book Bank Scheme for the benefit of current students.