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  • A student seeking admission to the hostel shall submit her application to the Principal/Warden countersigned by her parent or guardian. The Management/Principal reserve the right to refuse admission to a student into the college hostel.

  • Current students studying at Cauvery College for Women alone are eligible to be admitted in to the Hostel. Admissions to the Hostel will be made every year. However, senior students who have resided previously in the hostel, will be given preference.

  • Application forms can be received from the College Hostel Office. 

  • No member shall be allowed to withdraw from the hostel before the end of the year except with approval of the Warden/Management.

  • After scrutiny and sanction for admission, the students have to pay the Hostel deposit and fees prescribed by the Management before admission.

  • The second Sunday of every month will be the visitor’s day. Visiting the ward is not allowed on other days.

  • Allotment of room shall be made by the Warden at the beginning of each year and members shall not change their rooms.

  • Warden, may re-allot the rooms at any time without assigning reasons.

  • Boarding charges of previous month shall be paid without fine till 15th of succeeding month. Thereafter a fine of Rs.5/- will be levied for each day of default. In any case if a member fails to pay the dues of a month by 25th of the next month, she will cease to be a member of the hostel henceforth. However, such defaulters may be readmitted at the discretion of the Warden and the Management. Hostel deposit will be adjusted for mess fees during the last two months of their stay during the academic year.

  • Leave of absence from the hostel should be obtained invariably from the warden through the House Keepers concerned. No reduction will be made in mess charges for absence of 5 days and less. If the member is absent for more than 5 days consecutively in the same month a reduction will be made for each day in excess. The application for such leave is to be given to the warden before 25th of every month through the House Keeper. Students who are sick should stay only in the room provided for this purpose.

  • If a student is be absent continuously for more than 15 days in any of the particular month with the permission of the Warden, her boarding charges will be calculated for the actual number of days she has dined in the hostel, during the month. Benefit of this rule cannot be claimed by members whose continuous absence extends from that month to the succeeding month


  • Recreation is an inevitable part and parcel of students’ pastime. Hence in each dining hall there is a 29 inches colour television with limited channels of connection and audio system in each block which has speakers in each floor.

  • Music, announcements and other communications are made through these speakers. Further a movie of students’ choice is screened once a month. There are three colour television sets exclusively for hostel staff members.

  • WELCOME DINNER, NEW YEAR DINNER & HOSTEL DAY CELEBRATION are conducted every year in a grand manner.

  • Extra classes like Tailoring, Hindi and Yoga are conducted for the students after the college hours.

  • A set of reputed National and local publications both in English and Tamil are circulated to the students in each block and in each floor. Employment news is the latest addition to the list of publications.

  • Besides there is a move to make provisions for a library and gymnastics club in the ground floor. In the first floor there is a shuttle cork court, table tennis and recreations like chess, carom, etc.

Health care

         Dr. Shanthi and Dr.Lakshmi Praba alternatively visit the hostel for the purpose of medication to the sick students. They are provided with a separate room. Emergency cases are taken by a separately arranged escorts to nearby hospitals. Arrangements are made for buying the medicines daily. Keeping in mind the health factor of the students, it is ensured that students are provided with the healthy drinks like fruit juice every week. In general and the sports students in particular are provided with porridge and boiled cereals. In short their health is well looked after.


          The hostel is housed in three buildings and named as ‘A’, ‘B’ and ‘P.G’ Blocks comprising 245 rooms out of which 219 are marked for students. The rooms are adequately furnished and are provided with mosquito netting and fans. Apart from these, each floor has a water purifier in all the buildings. Presently there are 1207 college students including school students who are studying in Cauvery Matriculation School which is a sister institution of our college.
Faculty members staying in the hostel are provided with attached bathrooms and a separate dining room. Adjoining the P.G hostel a building has been constructed to make provision for a separate room for the hostel secretary and hostel office.
         Telephone and intercom facilities have been provided for all the blocks. Telephone card system is an added dimension to the otherwise well equipped hostel system. For this, separate telephone connections and telephones have been installed in each block.
Sodium vapour lamps illuminate the entire campus from 6 p.m to 6 a.m. A new high mast lamp is inserted or fitted in the hostel ground. Kitchen was modified as A1 kitchen. Power cuts have never been a problem for our students since 83 kV generator has been installed exclusively for the hostel. Separate washing area is provided near each block. Adequate lines are provided in all the blocks for hanging clothes.

Available Features

  • R.O System of mineral water is provided. 

  • Hot water has been arranged for bathing during winter season. 

  • A computer exclusively for hostel use has been purchased. 

  • Introduction of 21 coin phone booth totally in all the blocks. Provision of a park in hostel campus is also on the way. 

Mess hall

  • The hostel has a well equipped kitchen. The sophisticated dough kneader and chapatti sheeter are worth to be mentioned.

  • “A” and “B” blocks and the dining hall are linked through connectivity links. There are four well furnished dining halls, which can easily accommodate 750 students at one time. These halls have been designed for study and to be used for meetings as well. The windows of these halls are fitted with stainless steel mosquito netting. For all the dining halls water purifiers, which include coolers and two other systems that have the option of purified ordinary water, cool water and hot water are provided.

  • Lift facility is available to carry cooked food to each dining hall and covered stainless steel pushcart is put in use to transport food to PG hostel dining hall. Giant sized hot packs are provided to keep the food items warm. The menu is exclusively student oriented. The mess expenses are on a dividing system.

Record Maintenance

  • A system of recording the entry and exit of students and staff members is set up and being followed.

  • Receiving and delivering of letters, parcels and money meant for students are recorded.

  • The students are allowed for an outing with their parents on second Sunday of every month.

  • There are at present five securities to guard the hostel day and night.


Strict adherence to the rules specified below is compulsory on the part of every resident student. Disobedience of the rules or any misconduct will result in removal from the Hostel.

  • The duties and responsibilities, if any, given to them are to be executed in good faith and sincerity.

  • Any grievance or complaint should be brought to the notice of Warden or Deputy Warden through House Keepers immediately.

  • The residents are not permitted to have any direct contact with the hostel servants.

  • Students are not permitted to wear costly materials, jewels, etc. and they should not have large amount of cash with them. It is the responsibility of the individuals to keep their articles safely. Students should open SB A/c with UCO Bank Extn. Counter within our College Premises.

  • The students are not permitted to use tape recorders, transistors, heaters, fans, iron boxes, cell phones etc.,

  • Inmates are not permitted to entertain day-scholars, friends and others inside the rooms. Inmates must not invite guests for food in the hostel mess.

  • Newspapers, magazines, play materials and other articles should not be taken out of the common reading room.

  • Residents feeling sick should immediately report the matter to the Warden through the House Keepers.

  • Members shall not enter the kitchen. They shall sit in the dining hall in the order in which they enter it. They shall treat the cooks and servants with kindness and consideration.

  • No member shall disfigure the walls and doors or cause any damage to any hostel property. Any such damage shall be reported to the Warden at once and it shall be paid for at such rates as shall be fixed by the authorities.

  • No notice shall be put or circulated in the hostel premises without the permission of the Warden.

  • If rooms are found locked or empty with lights on, all the inmates of the rooms will be held jointly responsible and a fine of Rs.5/- per day will be charged.

  • Outsiders should not be invited to any function in the Hostel.

  • Members shall not remove or exchange furniture allotted to them.

  • Violent discussion and disputes should strictly be avoided. No member shall ever participate in any political, communal or anti-social activities. They shall not organize, convene or hold meeting in or outside the hostel premises without previous permission of the Warden.

  • Arrangements are made for the dispatch of letters and the incoming message will be given through the Warden. Cloth washing can be done through Dhobi arranged for this purpose.


  • 5.30 a.m. — Rising Bell

  • 6.00 a.m. — Coffee

  • 6.15 a.m. — Study Hour

  • 7.30 a.m.- 8.30 a.m. — Breakfast

  • 10.00 a.m.- 12.00 p.m. — Silence Hour (Holidays)

  • 12.00 p.m.- 1:00 p.m. — Lunch

  • 4.00 p.m. — Evening Tiffin & Coffee

  • 4.30 p.m.- 5.30 p.m. — Games

  • 6.00 p.m. — Evening Prayer

  • 6.30 p.m.- 7:30 p.m.— Study Hour

  • 7.30 p.m. - 8:45 p.m. — Dinner

  • 9.00 p.m. — Night Roll Call

  • 9.00 p.m.- 10.15 p.m. — Study Hour

  • 10.30 p.m. — Lights Off

  • Parents and recognized guardians / Local guardians with identity card alone can meet the student concerned at the visitors lounge in case of emergency, only with prior permission of the warden.

  • Hostelites will be permitted to avail themselves of the holidays at home as listed In the College Calendar.

  • During any holidays the parents or local guardians should come and take the Students home. Under any unavoidable circumstances, the parents are asked to write the permission letter directly to the Warden/ Deputy Warden, to send their daughter home alone.

    Notice for I year students: If you want to stay in hostel, furnish the details in the following google form:

Language Lab

  • With the objective of polishing and perfecting heterogeneous language skills of the students, a Language Lab was established through financial aid from UGC.

  • This lab enhances the language use of the students with varied exercises and activities based on real context in a sophisticated ambience.

  • The infrastructure of the Lab is extended to all students on a triangular basis with the Internet and the Library. 

  • During the pandemic the activities of the Labs (Lang.Lab & AOEL) were incorporated in the Part II English Classes in online mode.

  • The Lab resumed with the offline activities on the rotational basis with the Library

            (LL  to Library and Library to LL).

  • The Lab Instructors train the students in their language skills allied with employability skills like Debates, Group Discussion, Presentations, Role Play, Mock interviews etc.

  • The Lab Co-ordinators coordinate with the other instructors in formulating the week activities.

Internet Lab

  • The internet lab is accessed by all the students from all the departments on triangular basis with a fixed schedule of one hour per week during the college hours. The students are also permitted to access the Net lab facility after college hours. 

  • All the labs are completely interlinked with internet connectivity and supported by 45 Mbps leased line internet facility. The campus is also fully enabled with Wi-Fi connectivity. All the systems are secured with firewall and anti-virus software.

Instrumentation Facility

    Cauvery College Instrumentation Center (CCIC) is equipped with advanced analytical equipment’s sponsored under “Fund for Improvement of   S & T Infrastructure in Universities and Higher Educational Institutions (FIST)” of Department of Science & Technology (DST), Government of India. 

Research Instruments:

  • Fourier Transform Infra Red Spectrometer (FTIR)

  • Ultra High Performance Liquid Chromatography (UHPLC) 


Head & Associate Professor, Dept. of Physics,
Cauvery College Instrumentation Center (CCIC),
Cauvery College for Women (Autonomous),
Tiruchirappalli, Tamilnadu.
Pin code – 620 018.

AOE Lab - Aural Oral English Lab

       The Aural Oral English Lab (AOE Lab) is one of its kind. It exclusively caters to the development of listening and speaking skills of the first-year students; of a composite class belonging to various disciplines. The lessons for different learning levels are incorporated in the curriculum for a diligent delivery to ensure efficacy in learning the functionality of the language.  On the whole, it is an innovative approach that stands apart from the contemporaries.

Cauvery Fitness Centre

Fitness upholds physical well-being,Happiness,Harmony,Peace finally achieve humanity.
Fitness leads to well-being of everything.

Motto: "Health is important than wealth."

Staff Incharge:

    Dr.B.Baby Shakila, B.A., M.P.Ed.,M.Phil., Dip. in Yoga., Ph.D.,

Student Fitness Club Incharge:

      President: Ms.R.Veenasri - III B.B.A

    Secretary: Ms.M.Mageswari - III B.C.A

    Joint Secretary: Ms.D.Aashika - III B.Sc Chemistry

    Treasurer:Ms.S.Ishwarya - III B.Com