Best Practices & Institutional Distinctiveness 2019 - 2020

Best Practices

 1.Title: The Entrepreneur Development Cell (ED Cell)

2. Objectives of Practice:

            To develop entrepreneurs during the course of graduation. Helping the members to gain experience and emerge as successful entrepreneurs.

3. Context:

a. The wards should explore opportunities as budding entrepreneurs.
b. The members should be able to venture with limited investment and risks involved in the practice at the beginning stage.


a. Students from various disciplines are enrolled.
b. A strategy for execution is developed with the assistance of the coordinating faculties.
c. The execution is done in within the campus to ensure the demand and viability.

Evidence of Success:

a. Recurring demand and scope for further innovation through direct feedback has helped the members to reach out to many.
b. There number of enrolments have also increased during the course of time.
c. Students have participated in many inter collegiate competitions all over Tamilnadu and won accolades.

Problems Encountered:

           Orders for bulk and regular purchase yet to materialise.

 1.Title: AOE Lab.

 2. Objectives of Practice:

           To enhance the listening, reading and speaking skills in English communication.

3. Context:

a. English communication has become a key in career prospects.
b. Being a good user of the language by knowing the standard form, has become the quintessential aspect in all walks of life.


a. It is an integrated module of Part-2 English curriculum and is done in a regular basis.
b. The focus is on the listening, reading and speaking skills.
c. Each student is provided with a separate kit to ensure concentration.
d. Drills and recapitulation aids in better retention of the newly learnt vocabulary and accent.

Evidence of Success:

There is an evident result among all the 1st year students who have a sustained focus in reading and listening.
The individuals experience a novel exposure which has increased their interest in enhancing the listening, reading and speaking skills.

Problems Encountered:

Wadhwani Course through EDII 
2. Objectives of Practice:

           The assimilation of this new module into the curriculum, testifies the autonomous stature obtained by the college, to provide value education and prepare its wards ensuring employability skills.

 3. Context:

a. Students should be made ready to explore knowledge apart from the curriculum.
b. Acquiring a certification from a renowned institution that focuses on employability and entrepreneur development serves to be an added advantage.


a. Under the guideship of the Entrepreneur Development Cell of the institution, the course is offered.

b. The course is offered on a credit basis.

Evidence of Success:

a. The value education has helped students to join as trainees in reputed institutions.

Problems Encountered:

7.3 Institutional Distinctiveness

Provide the details of the performance of the institution in one area distinctive to its vision, priority and thrust Provide the weblink of the institution in not more than 500 words

  • In accordance to the vision, the institution’s prime focus remains at empowering women scholars. The institution ensures that it grants graduating education not only to students from urban environment, but also to a large extent to the rural students. Apart from the scholarship provided by the government, the management and the governing council sponsors underprivileged students in completion of their graduation.

  • Every club and institutional activities are organised and executed to instill confidence and prepare its wards to advance in their careers by becoming a competent workforce. The Institution always strives to be in par with the latest developments in various streams and cordially embraces changes for the better.