Under the guidance of  Bharathidasan University, Cauvery College For Women had started the "THANNEER(WATER) Environment Student Club" in 2014, to create awareness about the environment among the people and pupils. Now it is growing in the path of progress.


It was formed in 2014 with the support of two organizers along with 120 Under Graduate Students. Having the students as the backbone, we started to create awareness to the people about environment through 
i) Cleaning process 
ii) Awareness rally 
iii) Environmental Tour
iv) Garden Visit 
v) Planting the saplings. 
        Among the colleges, affiliated with Bharathidasan University, Cauvery College For Women was chosen as the best for executing the Thanneer Environmental student Club in 2014 – 2015 and the honour was credited to Mrs M. Anu &Miss.R. Keerthana [Assistant Professors of Tamil Department].


Chief works done by our club for securing the environment are as follows.
            i)Using Eco-friendly bags instead of plastic bags.
          ii)Conducting street – plays for environmental awareness.


Composed a Nature Prayer song for the club, on our own


i)Best organizer award for the year 2014-2015 

ii)The students of our club participated in students conference and came out with flying colours. (Topic: Lossing of our Mother Earth) 


i)To set up an ayurvedic farm.

ii)To control the growth of "Karuvelam Plants"

iii)To encourage the cleaning process.

iv)Seminar on the topics of 'Save Environment.

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