Research Committee


  1. The Principal

  2. Senior Faculty Members involved in research activity

 Term : Two years
 Meeting : Once a year
Function :

  1. To provide guidelines and direction for the growth and development of research activities.

  2. To advice on thrust areas and disciplines for introduction of research programmes and related activities for future development in research.

  3. To suggest measures for improving existing infrastructural facilities both for academic and sponsored research and enhancing research ambiance.

  4. To recommend suitable projects for availing concession (if any) from State and Central Governments.






 Dr. V.Sujatha



 Dr. G.Kanaga,
 Dept. of Social Work
 Dr. N.Savithri,
 Dept. of Commerce
 Dr. S.Ramalakshmi,
 Dept. of Tamil
 Dr.V.Sinthu Janita Prakash,
 Dept. of Computer Science
 Dr. M.Parveen,
 Dept. of Information Technology 
 Dr. D.Tamilmaraiselvi,
 Dept. of Microbiology
 Dr. H.Abirami,
 Dept. of Biotechnology
 Dr. Gowri,
 Dept. of Physics
 Dr. A.Bhuvaneswari,
 Dept. of Information Technology
 Dr. Janaki,
 Dept. of Mathematics
 Dr. Kalaiarasi,
 Dept. of Mathematics
 Dept. of Commerce
 Dr. G.Metilda Bhuvaneswari,
 Dept. of Social Work
 Dr. N.Subha,
 Dept. of Tamil
 Dr. Shameem,
 Dept. of Commerce
Dr. J.TamilSelvi, 
 Dept. of Business administration
 Dept. of English
 Dr. S.Jayashree Agarwal,

 Dept. of English
 Dept. of Chemistry