Library Committee


  1. The Principal (Chairman)

  2. Assistant Librarian

  3. Library Faculty members

  4. All Heads of the Departments

 Term: Permanent Composition.

 Meetings: Will meet at least twice a year.


  • To consider procedures for procurement of books and journals

  • To supervise the allocation and utilization of funds for different departments for purchase of books and journals for the Central library.

  • To maintain liaison between Central Library and various Academic Departments for the purchase of networking of Departmental libraries with the Central Library.

  • To consider and put forward the views of faculty members regarding books/journals selection, ordering process etc.

  • To consider and put forward the views of students and Research Scholars regarding their problems and solutions sought thereof.






 Dr. V.Sujatha

Assistant Librarian


 Ms. Pommi


 Other Faculty Members from the library



 Ms. M.Theivanai
 Ms. P.Suhirtha
 Ms. N.Kasthuri
 Ms. V.Laxmi
 Ms. J.Rama 
 Ms. K.Ezhilarasi

All HoD’s  16  Dr. S.Ramalakshmi,
 Dept. of Tamil
 Dr. N.Savithri,
 Dept. of Commerce
 Dr. G. Metilda Bhuvaneswari,
 Dept. of Social Work
 Dr. P.Urmila,
 Dept. of English
 Dr. S.Jayashree Agarwal,
 Dept. of English
 Dr. J.Tamil Selvi,  
 Dept. of Business Administration
 Dr. S.Premalatha,
 Dept. of Mathematics
 Dr. G.Maheswari,
 Dept. of Physics
 Dr. P.Pungayee @ Amirtham, 
 Dept. of Chemistry
 Dr.V.Sinthu Janita Prakash,
 Dept .of Computer Science
 Dr. R.Merlin Packiam, 
 Dept. of Computer Applications
 Dr. M.Parveen,
 Dept. of Information Technology
 Dr. B.Tamilmaraiselvi,
 Dept. of Microbiology
 Dr. H.Abirami,
 Dept. of Biotechnology
 Dept. of FSM & D
 Dr. S.Baby Shakila,
 Deputy Director of Physical Education