The Department of English, established in the year 1984. The BA English Course was introduced in the year 2008 and MA English Course was introduced in the year 2012. Under the arts stream in our sovereign institution offers wide opportuneness to develop insight knowledge of language and literature through detail study of the astir, flourishing English language.

          The course is designed to constitute dynamism to its learners by ensuring understandability in cultural, social, traditional and ethical aspects of diverse people and society. The incipiency of the course elaborates from the grass roots of literature of England and travels beyond; expounding archaic and gradually evolving into vogue genres and tradition of a plethora of literature.

          The course not only sweepingly imparts literature it also enriches learners’ vocabulary and usage of the language. In addition, the young scholars will experience a parallel grooming of their communication skills in liaison with the standardized Aural Oral Lab sessions.

        The custom made curricula and the favored syllabi offers the course to be au courant or nonetheless to have a leading edge over the contemporaries. As an encapsulation the entrants after their three years tenure, would certainly arise to be reformed as prismatic utilitarian sought by recruiters for various plush positions in their organizations.

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