Physics forms the intellectual core of the physical science. It examines the world through an analytical lens, providing insight into fundamental building blocks of nature, the emergent behaviour of complex system and the laws which govern the physical world. The breadth of the physics programme together with the multidisciplinary environment, enables the students to engage them creatively with problems that transcends them to confines in any single discipline.
            Our department has the twin mission to provide an outstanding and distinctive education to our undergraduate and post graduate students and to expand our research enterprises via central institutions to gain national and international recognition in strategic research areas. The faculty comprising of 7 Ph.D, 11 M.Phil , 1NET, 1SET holders are equally passionate about their teaching and research . Faculty members carry out both theoretical and experimental research in various fields such as Crystal Growth, Vibrational Spectroscopy, Thin Films, Nano Technology, Non Linear Dynamics, Ultrasonics and have acquired 5 minor research projects funded by UGC. Our department is recognized by DST –FIST under level “0” program for research instruments facility.
       An initiative for the creation and dissemination of knowledgein research, a UGC sponsored Minor Research laboratoryandDST– FIST sponsored Instrumentation Centre were established in the academic year 2015-2016.
            Department has been regularly producing  university ranks in UG and PG. Totally 87 ranks  have been secured with 34UG ranks and 53 PG ranks. The pinnacle achievement of the department is the 6 first ranks at PG level, consecutivelyin the past 6 years.
  B.Sc Physics    - 1994
M.Sc Physics    - 2003
  1. House Hold Electricity
  2. Trouble Shooting of Home Appliances
  3. Electrical Wiring
  4. Digital Photography

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